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I'm making games part time now, and would love to do work for you! Currently I am looking for writing and layout jobs, and you can see examples of my work on my itch page (or shoot me an email)! Below are my starting rates, but I'm willing to wiggle a bit on rates for larger jobs. The rates below aren't final, but are designed to give you a good idea of where they start for me! I work exclusively with Affinity products for the time being, and can not currently use Adobe products.

Layout$25 Consulting Fee + $10/Half Page (5.5 x 8.5)
Layout (Setting Masters Only)$75

For the Setting Masters Only job, this includes setting up a few flexible page masters in Affinity publisher, as well as setting up a handful of font-styles (header, body, two levels of bullet styles, and a table of contents). This will not give you a final product, but an easier place to leap from, and is cheaper than a full layout job from me to reflect that.

If you are hiring me to do layout for a supplemental product for a game I initially made, I'll also happily lower my own rates, assuming you want to keep them in the same sort of visual style!